2014 Event: Monday 17th March 2014

SET for BRITAIN Exhibition of Posters by early-stage and early-career research scientists, engineers and technologists

The final of the 2014 SET for BRITAIN event took place in the House of Commons Marquee on Monday, 17th March 2014, sponsored by Andrew Miller MP, Chairman of the SET for BRITAIN organising group of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee.

Download a report on the 2014 event (PDF format)

Prize Winners


Biological and Biomedical Sciences

  • Gold Award: £3,000 and GW Mendel Medal - Mr Graham Robertson, University of Strathclyde
  • Silver Award: £2,000 - Miss Amelie Heuer-Jungemann, University of Southampton
  • Bronze Award: £1,000 - Miss Morelia Camacho-Cervantes, University of St Andrews

Physical Sciences (Chemistry and Physics)


  • Gold Award: £3,000 and Roscoe Medal - Dr Maria Jose Marin Altaba, University of East Anglia
  • Silver Award: £2,000 - Dr Adrian Boatwright, University of Leicester
  • Bronze Award: £1,000 - Mr Daniel Toolan, University of Sheffield


  • Gold Award: £3,000 and Cavendish Medal - Dr Tessa Baker, University of Oxford
  • Silver Award: £2,000 - Mr Jan Mertens, University of Cambridge
  • Bronze Award: £1,000 - Dr Kerry O'Shea, University of Glasgow


  • Gold Award: £3,000 and Engineering Medal - Dr Stephen Hicks, University of Oxford
  • Silver Award: £2,000 - Dr Claire Donoghue, Imperial College London
  • Bronze Award: £1,000 - Mr Christopher Spargo, Newcastle University
  • Engineering Medal


  • Gold Award: £3,000 and De Montfort (Mathematical Sciences) Medal - Dr David Platt, University of Bristol
  • Silver Award: £2,000 - Dr Christian Yates, University of Oxford
  • Bronze Award: £1,000 - Dr Julie Vile, Cardiff University

And the overall winner:

  • Westminster Medal in memory of Dr Eric Wharton - Dr Maria Jose Marin Altaba, University of East Anglia