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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your application must be completed AND SUBMITTED before it can be considered. Submission is done on page 6 of this form.

All applicants are requested to read carefully the specific information on this event.

Applicants should complete this form as fully as possible and with concise answers so that on receipt at STEM for BRITAIN, it does not exceed three single A4 pages. Overlong submissions will be returned.

This application form is split into 6 separate windows. When you click on "NEXT" at the bottom of each window, your entries are saved. At any time you can return to the start to modify any entries. You don't have to complete your application in a single sitting. If you want to come back later to complete the form you may do so: you will need to supply the application number and your surname to access the form again.

Once you have submitted the complete form you will not then be able to edit it again.

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NOTE: we are aware of a minor database problem which has affected a small number of applicants with hyphenated surnames (such as SMITH-JONES). If your surname contains a hyphen, we recommend that you avoid the problem by omitting the hyphen (SMITHJONES) or typing a space instead (SMITH JONES). There are some other surnames which can cause problems, for example those that contain an apostrophe (such as D'SOMETHING). In these cases we would recommend that if you receive a '500' error message, you should try again without the punctuation (e.g. DSOMETHING or D SOMETHING).

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